About Us

A Family of Removalists on the Central Coast Since 1990

Giraffe Removals has been in the removalist business for 50 years, and in that time, we have thrived under the committed ownership of a single family. To better understand our story, you need to go back to 1961 when Fred and Noreen Keoghan opened a transport business. At the time, they gave their young company the name Aabon Pty Ltd. Although the company started small, it quickly established itself in the inner west of Sydney, gaining new clients and more jobs.

The growth continued at an impressive rate. Accordingly, by 1983, the Keoghans, along with the next generation of the family recognised that their company needed to make some adjustments. At this time, they opted to change the name of the company in order to make it more accessible and memorable. This is when Giraffe Removals was born.

Since 1983, Giraffe Removals has continued to establish its presence, and the Keoghans remain steadfast in their commitment to the company. In 1990 the company established a branch at  Saratoga on the Central Coast – A.AAAABAN P/L trading as Gosford ‘N’ Back all areas furniture removals and storage – which has since become Giraffe Removals Central Coast.

Integrity When It Matters Most

For the Keoghans and the entire staff at Giraffe Removals, the key to 50 years of business prosperity is all about quality. Since its inception, this company has always been about doing the best job possible and never cutting corners. The details matter to us.

We never think of the job as lifting boxes and driving trucks. Instead, we recognize the important task we are being asked to do. We treat the belongings entrusted to us with the greatest care and precision. Before any removal, we talk carefully with clients about what they need and want from relocation and storage service. Only after talking to clients do we devise a plan to meet those needs.

An Ongoing Story

Today, Giraffe Removals continues to work hard to give you the service you deserve. Our removalist service can be used for your house or office, and we can move your furniture locally or via the interstate. We believe our story at Giraffe Removals is still unfolding. We want your next removal to be a part of it.