Furniture Removals Central Coast

If moving was nothing more than boxes, most people could probably handle it on their own. However, moving is also about furniture. Furniture is hard to carry, difficult to secure and easy to break. Given these considerations, you may want to hire Giraffe Removals for moving your furniture.

Expert Furniture Removalists

Furniture removals can be a part of a bigger move. They can also be requested by themselves. The choice is up to the client. At Giraffe Removals, we believe that giving the client options is important. Therefore, you can hire us for as many or as few pieces of furniture as you wish.

Thoroughly Trained Staff

Giraffe Removals treats your furniture like it is our own. All of our staff members are trained to be professionals. This means that they show courtesy and respect at all times. During the job, proper care and precision are given to each item. No one at Giraffe Removals will cut corners to get the job done faster.

The Best Supplies

Care and precision are important, but furniture removals require the best supplies in order to be successful. Supplies can help in all parts of the move. Good supplies can make lifting and maneuvering pieces easier. Packaging materials ensure that all items are wrapped and cushioned for the time in transit or storage. We can create customized solutions for your unique pieces as needed.

Handling with Care

When furniture is damaged during a removal, it is usually due to poor moving technique. It is essential for items to be properly supported and lifted. Such management must be done on the spot, and removalists need to be able to promptly assess an item and determine the best way to support it. Such considerations are even more pronounced when the path is hard to navigate. This is why Giraffe Removals spends extra time training staff to always think critically on the job.

Tricky Items Made Simple

Some items like china cabinets or pianos present unique challenges. Removals with such items must be handled properly, and special equipment is often needed. Fortunately, Giraffe Removals has the necessary equipment. More importantly, we have dealt with many difficult items in the past. We are confident in our ability to serve you.

Furniture Removalists in the Central Coast

With Giraffe Removals, all your items are in safe hands. To discuss your most precious or cumbersome pieces, contact our offices now.